Emergency Services

We are well equipped to handle a wide range of emergency situations in a efficient and caring manner!

Emergency Pet Services in Glasgow, MT

Emergencies can happen at any time and can be stressful for both owners and their animals. Emergency service is crucial for providing immediate medical attention when your animal is experiencing a health crisis.

Daytime Emergencies:

We are equipped to handle emergencies during business hours, depending on the type of emergency and what is going on at the time. Please call in advance if you have an emergency, and we will direct you to come right in if we have a veterinarian available. If a doctor is not available our team can triage and stabilize your animal until a veterinarian is available.

After-Hours Emergencies:

We offer after-hours emergency service to current clients. When you call us outside of normal business hours an emergency answering service will take your call. They will help determine how life-threatening your animal’s emergency is and help make a plan of action.

Your message will either be relayed to the veterinarian on call or connected directly to the doctor depending on their availability.

If the call is not emergent it will be forwarded to the office and be returned during business hours.